MNC Play

Interactive Home

Interactive Home is an extended service utilizing MNC Play’s Broadband Internet Speed.

This service aims to provide comfort in using internet, browsing, and also safety or security of the home. This service allows subscriber to have internet access anywhere in the house, without having to worry about WIFI connection.

Interactive Home also gives the ability to have CCTV surveillance, giving confidence when leaving home. Interactive Home could be accessed everywhere at anytime. Subscribers will not be burdened to prepare the storage device to record videos. All the videos will be recorded at MNC Kabel Mediacom’s server.

Interactive Applications

Interactive Applications offers a digital media store, in that subscribers can install various interesting applications that can be enjoyed by the family members. Interactive Applications can be accessed from the IPTV Set Top Box.

The selected applications will than be installed into the IPTV Decoder. The digital media store will have game applications, chatting applications, social network applications, stock exchange applications, online shopping applications, and many more. Subscribers could do applications searching, downloading, and get recommendation from the store.

Interactive Transaction

Interactive Transactions offers transactional-based services, such as home shopping, online shopping, and stock trading from your TV.